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To work in perfect condition and to have long life for the gearbox the lubricant must be chosen correctly and must be changed in time.In selection of oil it is important to consider, velocity, ambient temparature, gearbox oil temparature, working condition and the life required from the lubricant. All units are filled with lubricant before shipping. Before the gearbox is stored for a long time or before starting up, the top plug must be removed and the extra given vent plug must be replaced. This prevents excessive pressure which causes oil leaks. The foot mounting type gear boxes are filled with oil for mounting position B3 where the flange mounted gear boxes are filled for mounting position B5. The mineral lubricant should be changed every 10.000 service hours and the synthetic lubricant should be changed every 20.000 working hours. By changing the lubricant complete cleaning is advised. The oil change should be done after a working period. Because oil ishot in this condition and impurities are mixed with it the changing of oil will be done is best result and the oil will drain easily.

Helical Gear Boxes and ESV110-ESV130 worm gear boxes are filled with mineral oil ISO VG680, worm gear boxes from ESV30 up to ESV90 are filled with synthetic oil ISO VG220.


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